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In Transition

Transition, Poetry1 min read

A poem about the transition towns movement, written after the Transition Together London tour and workshop. A comprehensive write up of the weekends activities written by Rob Hopkins can be found here.

Seeds of change, dispersed across London.

Across the UK, and around the world.

In a breeze of hope and possibility.

Sprouting, growing, blossoming and emerging.

Nurtured with loving care.

Stewarded by passionate, determined people.

Bringing life to forgotten, overlooked spaces.

Each an oasis of calm.

A unique expression of the people it serves.

Providing the rich soil within which community can strengthen its roots.

Deepening and expanding the web of relationships that sustains it.

Whilst navigating the constant ebb and flow of transition.

As we chart a course towards our imagined futures.

Inviting and inspiring others to join us.

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