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Memories of Us - A Drabble

Memory, Drabble, Speculative Fiction1 min read

This drabble was written as an initial exploration of a short, speculative fiction story I have been working on as part of the Summer of Protocols 2024 research program. If you are interested, you can follow the evolution of this work on my SoP forum thread.

First, they came for our stories.

Slowly tweaking, editing, omitting.

Each retelling moving them further from their truth.

Until they were unrecognisable.

As our stories changed, so did we.

For our stories were us.

The lenses through which we understood the world.

They helped us see that.

Brought what was once known, back into focus.

And so, we fought back.

Crafting a powerful shared story of us.

Repairing the fractures in our tapestry of meaning.

Breathing life into memory sanctuaries and landscapes.

Facilitating the delicate conversation between the past, present and future.

I became a memory weaver,

You could too.

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